Thank You!

Holly Carter’s Statement On The Election Results

The voters have spoken and we came up a bit short in the quest to make the runoff for the general election. While I am disappointed that we did not win, this experience will be one I will never forget and I will carry the happy memories for the rest of my life. On behalf of my children and I, we thank each and every one of you who supported us along the way.

I have had the honor of becoming friends with so many wonderful people and I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to have so many business owners and wonderful citizens in Fresno believe in me.

My hope is that the business community and the people of District 6 have been awakened to both the challenges and opportunities we face. Creating a business friendly city must become the top priority as the driving force for economic development in Fresno. The funding for public safety and all other necessities come from the businesses who open their doors and generate sales tax revenue for our city.

It is now time for us to unite and turn our attentions to the efforts to support our small business owners. Make no mistake, I will continue to be a loud and bold voice for business owners in the City of Fresno. If you, or anyone you know is battling the bureaucratic red tape at Fresno City Hall… call me. You do not have to fight alone.

Holly Carter
Carter & Co. Communications
(559) 321-8884

Issues and Action Agendas
Action Agenda - Fight Crime
Action Agenda - Anti-Vagrancy
Action Agenda - Small Business
"Holly helped us get through the maze of City Hall when we were expanding our business because she cared. She knows the problems small businesses face in Fresno and has the ideas we need to help let small businesses grow and succeed."

~ Sarrah Soza-Valentin, Cigar Mas Fino, Fresno

Holly Carter